We reveal which vitamins and minerals you especially need in your 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s.

The world’s oldest people owe their triple-digit life expectancy to an optimal diet of whole foods rich in vitamins and fiber – like leafy greens and sweet potatoes. But even the most dedicated health freaks can have a very hard time getting all their nutrients from food alone these days. The solution? A supplement program tailored for every phase of life.

In the 20s

At the age of 20, the main thing is to find balance. Final exams, internships, late nights and a busy social calendar make it difficult to absorb the right nutrients. In addition, iron deficiency is widespread among women in their 20s. A good multivitamin with iron and a vitamin B complex and iron like our Mrs. Do-It-All is therefore very important. It ensures your daily basic supply of 18 vitamins and minerals, even if you don’t manage to eat three healthy meals a day. In addition, you are still building bone mass in your 20s and should therefore ensure an optimal calcium supply, e.g. with Bone Nanza Calcium Complex. Your bones will thank you later!

Prevention is now also important in terms of skin. Because preserving and protecting your beautiful, smooth skin and your still intact skin’s own collagen should be your top priority right now. It makes so much more sense than to fix the damage later with expensive creams or to cover it up with makeup. Therefore, already in your 20s, take a daily supplement that protects your elastic skin fibers from attacks by free radicals (e.g. caused by sunlight, pollution, blue light). Beauty Fuel Skin Radiance Complex with various potent herbal power antioxidants and essential skin nutrients is your supplement of choice here.

The supplement routine in the 20s

In the 30s

One word is the key to maintaining your health in your 30s: Self-care or self-care. It should be practiced in every aspect of life – especially when it comes to stress. Because if you burn the candle at both ends, a so-called adrenal imbalance is pre-programmed. You should help your body maintain a healthy response to stress now. Collagen, the essential protein that makes up muscles, skin, bones and ligaments, is now no longer produced in sufficient quantities and should be supported by supplements

High-dose vitamin C as in our Healthy Kick for collagen formation and more energy, our Adapto-Genie, a balancing complex with B vitamins and adaptogens, and magnesium in our Calm A Lama are therefore the right supplements for stress relief now. They also get the metabolism, immune system, mood and skin radiance in top shape. You should not forgo vitamin D supplements even in your 30s to further prevent osteoporosis.

The supplement routine in the 30s

In the 40s

Did your well-being get lost somewhere along the way to 40? Then now is the time to get back on track. You should give everything for that now.

Take probiotics no later than now to support your slowing digestive system. You should also invest in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory supplements with vitamin C and OPC. These support liver function, metabolism healthy skin and hair formation – all very important in the 40s. Because the skin now also produces less ceramides, the lipids in the skin barrier, itself, you should help with another beauty supplement to improve dry skin and prevent skin barrier disorders like rosacea or dermatitis. These can be perfectly replenished with the Timeless Skin | Anti-Wrinkle Complex. Of course, you still need vitamin D!

If you want to find out if you have a ceramide deficiency, feel free to check out our article “Do you have a ceramide deficiency? This does not have to be” an.

The supplement routine in the 40s

In the 50s

If we’ve learned anything from leading ladies in their 50s like Michelle Obama, it’s that this stage of life is when the harvest of past investments in health takes place. Now is also the time to focus more on brain and heart health.

A good multivitamin that also includes a vitamin B complex and vitamin D is now the foundation of your supplement routine, ensuring your basic daily supply of key nutrients to stay healthy and strong. The B vitamins B6 and folate in our Mrs. Do-It-All 45+ lower homocysteine levels in the blood, which can otherwise lead to cardiovascular disease, and extra vitamin D supports the health of your cells, which can otherwise more easily degenerate into cancer after 50.

Magnesium now improves cognitive functions and buffers stress. Omega 3 is now also very important because it lowers blood pressure and prevents cardiovascular disease. A good calcium supply should also be included in your daily self-care program, as you are now at increased risk for osteoporosis. If estrogen deficiency has left you with drier skin and dryness lines, Timeless Skin Complex now supports you with botanical ceramides for smoother, well-hydrated skin and fewer wrinkles.

The supplement routine in the 50s

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