Die 5 besten Supplements auf Reisen

Is there a vacation planned soon? These 5 supplements will support you while traveling.

The injustice of getting sick as soon as the longed-for vacation begins is all too familiar to many of us.

Air travel in particular increases the risk of catching a virus. The rather dry, recycled air on airplanes, as well as sitting in an enclosed space – closer to other people’s germs than you normally would be – contribute.

Add to that time differences and unfamiliar food at the destination, and our bodies can become stressed.

For all these cases, there is the right supplement that will strengthen your health on the road and protect it from the inside. In this way you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest and recover in the best way.

1. for the stress before the trip: Adaptogens and B’s

One study found that the time leading up to the trip is often perceived as particularly stressful compared to the actual trip or vacation itself.

To effectively counter this stressful phase, a vitamin B complex combined with adaptogenic herbs like ashwagandha, royal basil, saffron, and SOD can give your immune system an important boost while increasing your energy. These adaptogens help reduce stress and restore your balance faster (1). It is advisable to start taking it three to four weeks before your trip in order to prepare yourself optimally.

By the way, the B vitamins in it are also an ideal supplement when the vacation gets a little “wild”. If you know ahead of time that you will be drinking more alcohol than usual while on vacation, you should increase your B vitamin supply because alcohol leads to increased vitamin B requirements.

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2. for the skin: better blood circulation, moisture and UV protection.

Sitting for long periods in the dry air of an airplane, as well as intense sunshine at a vacation destination, puts a great strain on the blood circulation and the skin. In this context, oligomeric proanthocyanidin, or OPC for short, is a significant bioflavonoid complex from maritime pine. The combination of OPC and vitamin C has been shown to be associated with improving blood flow to the finest blood vessels in the skin, the capillaries (2).

Tremella fuciformis, as a botanical alternative to hyaluronic acid, helps to improve skin hydration and provide a radiant complexion.

If you are expecting bright sunshine at your vacation destination, it is also important to strengthen the skin’s own sun protection. An organic melon extract in the Beauty Fuel product has been shown in studies to reduce the skin’s tendency to sunburn by 16%, minimizing skin damage by as much as 72%.

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3. a body guard for protection while traveling

Our Body Guard Immunity Complex is our “I won’t get sick on this trip” secret weapon. It consists of a powerful combination of antioxidants such as vitamin C and zinc, ginger, echinacea and black elderberry, as well as the prized medicinal mushroom maitake from China and Japan
– which has not only antioxidant but also immunomodulatory effects (3). This complex is ideal to support your body’s defenses during travel and additionally protect you from increased radiation exposure both on the plane and on the ground.

But be sure to take it before you get on a plane. The zinc in it is important to protect you against the bad air on board. Scientific studies have demonstrated that zinc has an antiviral effect when taken within 24 hours of contact with the virus (4).

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4. against jetlag and for the recovery vacation: magnesium

Low magnesium levels have been associated with poor regulation of the biological clock in one study (6). So maintaining healthy magnesium levels can reduce jet lag. If you’re expecting a time difference on your trip, magnesium could be the perfect supplement for you. This mineral supports quick adaptation to the new time zone.

In addition, magnesium supports the functionality of muscles and nerves, blood sugar control and promotes energy production. Even if your goal on vacation is to “sleep more and better,” magnesium remains an indispensable companion. This mineral is known to improve the quality of sleep. A National Institute of Health study published in 2012 found that magnesium can relieve symptoms of insomnia (7). On your vacation, magnesium could be the longed-for key to a restful deep sleep.

In the Ogaenics assortment you will find the natural and herbal organic magnesium Calm A Lama, which optimally covers your magnesium needs. If you want to learn more about the other positive effects of magnesium, also read our article “The Magnesium Effect: 9 Reasons Why You Should Love the Mineral” or deepen your knowledge about “Magnesium Deficiency, Causes, Symptoms and Solutions”.

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5. gastrointestinal while traveling? From now on no more!

Airplane food and sitting for long periods of time are a devilish combination when it comes to digestion. In addition, the most beautiful vacation is ruined once there is an upset stomach. Therefore, probiotics always make sense as travel companions.

If you also have the typical problem with bloated belly when flying, we’ve put together the best tips and hacks on how to prevent it in our blog post “Bloated belly when traveling: how to prevent it – apart from a good synbiotic, of course!

Probiotics support gut health by populating the digestive tract with more healthy organisms that keep germs and pathogens at bay. This way you can strengthen your gastrointestinal tract and also better tolerate unfamiliar food. Always make sure to include the Lactobacillus Rhamnosus strain, such as in our Love Your Gut Daily Biotic Complex. It is the best travel companion par excellence because it prevents the much feared traveler’s diarrhea and should always be in the luggage when it goes to countries with potentially unclean drinking water supply.(8)

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Best travel partner for on the road

When traveling, it is not ideal to take the high-quality glass bottles from Ogaenics. But to make sure you don’t have to miss out on your supplement routine while on vacation, we’ve created the Weekly Capsule Organizer. With seven compartments that can hold up to ten capsules each, you’ll save space in your suitcase and carry your Ogaenics supplements in style and compact size. So you stay well supplied even on the road.

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