These are the most important vitamins for men that make the difference for well-being.

Men’s health is an important topic that is increasingly in the spotlight. Because men should not only take care of their physical well-being, but also their mental health, the health of their prostate and that of their digestive system.

With this in mind, we present you with some of the best vitamins for men that support these issues. However, these are actually not exclusively vitamins, but also other useful dietary supplements.

The nutritional needs of men

In general, as a man, you can meet your nutritional needs by eating a variety of healthy foods each day is. To do this, opt for more whole grains, lean protein like beans and nuts, and a rainbow of fruits and vegetables (ideally about 5 handfuls of each per day!). Because the body of men also needs certain essential micronutrients such as selenium, magnesium and B vitamins.

And even if you eat healthy – no one meets those nutritional guidelines every day. Therefore, an individualized program of daily supplements for men can help fill in any gaps. With the right supplements, you can also be sure you’re getting a good range of nutrients (and phytonutrients, also called botanicals).

The best vitamins for men

We present you some of the best vitamins and nutrients for men. Among them are those for men over 45 that are tailored to these changing needs.

Multivitamins for men

A powerful organic multivitamin can be a solid pillar in your diet. This is because, as a rule, both men and women tend to pay more attention to fat, calories and protein in their diets, but we usually do not choose foods according to their micronutrients. Or do you know how much vitamin C you took yesterday? And how much selenium?

But with an organic multivitamin for men like Mr. Do-It-All by Ogaenics, you’re on the safe side. Because it provides the recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals from A to zinc. Your body needs these to support eye health, the immune system, the heart, cellular energy production, and more.

For men 45 and over, the need for vitamins and minerals may change. For example, men’s brains degrade more as they age than women’s, and testosterone levels drop. That’s why a special organic multivitamin like Ogaenics’ Mr. Do-It-All 45+ is formulated to provide the basic nutrients you absolutely need. In addition, it’s enriched with clinically studied Bluenesse® (a plant-based nutrient from organic lemon balm extract) and natural zinc from organic guava leaves to help support your focus and healthy testosterone levels.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an important nutrient that is crucial for men who want to build muscle. It is estimated that up to 60% of Germans have a vitamin D deficiency, which can hinder their fitness goals.

The natural, vegan vitamin D3 complex Hello Sunshine and Hello Sunshine plus K2 made from organic lichen from Ogaenics is a good choice for adding extra vitamin D to your diet. And especially if you spend most of your days indoors, this is hugely important. In addition, however, vitamin D is of course also contained in all our organic multivitamin preparations for men.

B vitamins

Are you also interested in energizing vitamins for men? The B vitamins are particularly important here, as they contribute to healthy energy metabolism in the cells and support the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. At Ogaenics, all organic multivitamin complexes for men therefore contain the eight essential B vitamins that your body needs every day. They come from the best organic plant extracts. However, if you’re looking for an extra high-dose B vitamin complex for men, reach for B-Happy Vitamin B Complex. It also contains all B vitamins from organic extracts, but in a power dosage.


Nowadays, even most foods are deficient in magnesium. Therefore, it is very likely that most men also have a magnesium deficit. However, magnesium is the key to over 300 bodily processes and thus essential for your well-being. And every time you sweat, your body loses some of this vital electrolyte.

For example, low magnesium levels can contribute to a drop in your testosterone levels. It is also known that the rate of coronary heart disease is higher in men than in women. As an important nutrient for your heart health, magnesium can therefore be a vital supplement for you. You’ll find the purest magnesium from organic algae extracts for your well-being at Ogaenics in our Calm A Lama Plant-based Organic Magnesium.


Zinc has many benefits for men, and not only because of its positive effect on the immune system. This is because it also supports male fertility by promoting sperm production and balanced testosterone levels.

You will find our optimally bioavailable (=well utilizable) natural zinc in all Ogaenics organic multivitamin complexes for men. Zinc is also included in our potent Immunity Formula Body Guard. By the way, Ogaenics’ natural zinc is not isolated zinc like you find in many other supplements, but incorporated into the organic plant extracts it comes from. This makes it particularly well tolerated by your body and optimally absorbed by the body.


Selenium is a trace element that plants absorb from the soil and is particularly abundant in foods such as Brazil nuts. It also has great importance for men’s health due to its antioxidant effect, which in turn is related to prostate health. That is why all Ogaenics organic multivitamins for men contain a potent dose of natural selenium, obtained from organic plant extracts.

Probiotics for your gut

While vitamins are critical for men to maintain good health, the microbiome also plays an important role in overall wellness and health.

Your digestive system, which works like a finely tuned engine, needs good bacteria to run smoothly. The microbiome is made up of billions of living bacteria that make up your personal gut ecosystem. When the balance of these microorganisms is disturbed, it can have an impact on your well-being and overall health.

To support the balance in the intestine, the Love Your Gut Daily Biotic Complex by Ogaenics was developed. It contains ten billion clinically studied Lactobacillus and Bifido bacteria strains per capsule, as well as prebiotics as their food, so that they settle better in the male intestine.

Ashwagandha for men with a lot of stress

Are you looking for a little peace and serenity? For men, ashwagandha is a useful adaptogen that helps the body cope with stress and balances energy and mood. Ogaenics Adapto Genie Bio Balancing Complex contains a clinical dose of the most potent organic Ashwagandha root in the world for mental and physical stress management.

Calcium – also important for men

Did you know that bone loss can start as early as age 30? Although calcium intake is usually targeted at women, men are also at risk for bone loss. Support your bone density and normal bone formation with the organic calcium supplement Bone Nanza. It also contains vitamins D3 and co-factor magnesium to allow better absorption of calcium and support bone density and normal bone formation. Bonus: Calcium is also important for many functions of the body, such as hormone secretion and nerve function.


Your supplement program is as unique as you are. The best vitamins for men? These are the ones that are tailored to the needs of your stage of life, the way YOU want it.

To find out what works for you, you need to build a good foundation. You also need to ask questions to find ingredients that support your goals. Ogaenics supports men like you every step of the way, delivering superior nutrients from nature in organic quality. So that you can realize yourself like this! We are happy to advise you on the composition of your supplement program. Book an appointment here.

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