Your vitamin D supply - made easy

Our vitamin D Bio supplements are the sunshine in a jar.
They promote a healthy sleep-wake rhythm, support the immune system and counteract winter depression. With the same active form of vitamin D3 that our bodies make from sunlight, these organic supplements offer support rain or shine. We also offer combination products that combine vitamin D with other important nutrients such as calcium and magnesium to promote optimal health.

Kennzeichen bio-zertifiziert

certified organic

Kennzeichen vegan


Kennzeichen ohne Gentechnik

without additives

Kennzeichen ohne Gentechnik


Kennzeichen glutenfrei

gluten free

Kennzeichen Laktosefrei

lactose free

Vegan Vitamin D in Ogaenics Organic Multivitamins

Vegan vitamin D3 as an active partner

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