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Natural vitamins from Ogaenics make a big difference to synthetic vitamins

Most dietary supplements today are still made with synthetic nutrients. The lower price is often tempting, because plant-based vitamins and minerals are far more expensive to produce (more on this below).

But apart from the fact that you certainly want to eat as healthy and natural as possible – what does science say about the two vitamin variants chemical and natural? Do they really differ? And do natural vitamins and minerals really work better?

The simple answer is yes

Although natural and synthetic vitamins and minerals generally have similar properties, there are some cases where the natural version of a vitamin significantly outperforms its synthetic counterpart.

In these cases, the difference in effect is due to the fact that the synthetic vitamin is just not chemically identical to the natural one, but similar enough to have an effect, albeit a diminished one.

Vitamin E is one such example. Synthetic vitamin E has a lower effect than natural vitamin E (according to a recent study, it is only half as bioavailable). This is due to the fact that synthetic E is actually a mixture of various vitamin E-like compounds, only a fraction of which is the “real” vitamin E.

The reason for this is that the vitamin E molecule (alphatocopherol) is very difficult to produce even in the laboratory. Therefore, the final industrial product is a mixture of eight different chemical forms.

Our metabolism has evolved to fully recognize and utilize only natural alpha-tocopherol. Therefore, the synthetic mixture of “real” and “fake” tocopherols is less effective than an equivalent amount of pure natural vitamin E.

Most often, manufacturers who use natural vitamin E in their products identify it on the label (“natural vitamin E” or “D-alpha-tocopherol”). Synthetic E is sometimes referred to as “DL-alpha-tocopherol” or simply “alpha-tocopherol”.

At best, synthetic vitamins are simply excreted unused by your body because it simply doesn’t recognize them. But since the health consequences of synthetic vitamins in the body are often not felt until years later, they are usually not even associated with vitamin intake.


At Ogaenics, we believe in a different way.

That’s why all our vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are purely natural and extracted exclusively from organic plants. This ensures that the body not only recognizes the natural nutrients, but also absorbs them better – leading to potent and noticeable results.

The problem with today’s food

Real food is an essential part of our health and well-being. However, the reality is that we simply don’t get enough nutrients from the food we eat.

That’s because arable soils today contain an estimated 60 percent fewer vitamins and minerals than they did 50 years ago. Even certified organic foods contain fewer nutrients than they used to – no wonder so many of us suffer from nutrient deficiencies.

Why synthetic is not the solution

Now consider the majority of supplements available today: compressed white powders that often contain megadoses of synthetic or isolated nutrients, combined with preservatives, colorants, fillers and binders.

Natural vitamins, on the other hand, are made up of numerous organic components – enzymes, co-enzymes and co-factors. In the body, all components of the vitamin work together. For this reason, it is fatal if the cheap copy, only a fraction of that, is to do the job alone.

High-dose synthetic supplements reach the intestines in a form that the body can poorly absorb. Ultimately, a significant portion is excreted without ever being used. Synthetic vitamins are also often made from substances that we would never feed our bodies as food under normal circumstances. Such as tar or lanolin.

Natural vitamins preferred

With Ogaenics, we take a different approach.

  • We start by selecting the finest, natural organic plants that grow in their place of origin to develop the most potent nutrient profile.
  • From these, highly potent and pure extracts are produced in gentle processes in compliance with the strict German organic guidelines.
  • The natural nutrient variations to which conventional natural substances are subject are compensated for in Ogaenics by standardization processes. The specified vitamin content is ensured by mixing batches of extracts and guaranteed by laboratory methods.
  • This standardization is a complex process by which we guarantee that an extract always contains the same minimum content of a vitamin or mineral.
  • The result is a plant extract that is not only guaranteed to contain X% of a particular nutrient, but also contains all the co-factors and co-nutrients of the plant, creating further benefits for your health and supporting the stability and activity of the nutrients.


Natural vitamins protect

Your body recognizes these standardized plant extracts and absorbs them as if they were a piece of fruit or vegetable. In the body, they can be quickly broken down, efficiently absorbed and effectively utilized.

The complex nutrient structure of an organic extract with standardized nutrient values, as we use in Ogaenics, helps the body to always absorb the right amount of the required vitamin. There is no risk of overdose.

The body recognizes when the need is met. Excess amounts of natural vitamins are simply excreted and do not burden your kidneys in the process.

Are you worth it?

Ogaenics may not seem entirely favorable at first. But for the special potency and organic quality of Ogaenics products, plants are grown, watered, cared for and harvested sustainably in a controlled organic manner without any pesticides or chemicals.

The elaborate and gentle extraction processes ensure that even in this process of production no residues or chemicals burden your health.

This is more expensive than the “vitamins” produced in the chemical laboratory and also more expensive than “only natural” vitamins from conventional cultivation, but your body will thank you.

Of course, the laboratory manufacturing process for synthetic vitamins is much less expensive than the extraction process from organic plants in compliance with all organic regulations that protect you as a consumer.

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