Flatulence can be relieved by a certain vitamin – especially in irritable bowel syndrome.

Nothing is more annoying than a bloated belly when we want to cut a great figure in a bikini. A study has now found that vitamin D deficiency is linked to bloating.

The usual tricks for flatulence

Although there are already many tricks that can promise relief in irritable bowel syndrome. For example, you should avoid foods that are too salty, drink plenty of fluids and make more use of foods that contain probiotic cultures. Taking a daily probiotic can also help, such as Ogaenics Love your Gut Daily Biotic Complex.

Irritable bowel syndrome and flatulence

But if the bloating still persists, you may be grateful for the news that was just found out in a study. The study was published in the British Medical Journal. Researchers found that 82 percent of participants with IBS did not have enough vitamin D. Even the study participants taking a probiotic product had bloating unless they had enough vitamin D in their blood. (1)

Irritable bowel syndrome is a chronic condition that affects 10-15 percent of the Western population, and its etiology and treatment are not well understood. Flatulence is one of the typical symptoms. Patients are often embarrassed by the symptoms of flatulence, which means that many live with the condition undiagnosed.

More vitamin D, less flatulence

So if you want to get more vitamin D now, you should increase your intake of salmon and tuna, eggs and mushrooms. But unfortunately, this can only cover 10 percent of the demand. The sun is also another very good source of vitamin D. So spend your lunch break in the sun more often and the weekend anyway.

Nevertheless, year-round prevention of vitamin D deficiency through supplementation makes a lot of sense. We have two variants vitamin D3 in the assortment, once with vitamin K2 and once without. Especially if your intestinal flora is out of balance, a combination of the active partners makes sense. For more information about our vitamin D products, visit the Ogaenics Organic Vitamin D page.

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