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Problems with shipping or returns? Where is my order? Or do you have general questions about Ogaenics and nutritional supplements? Take a breath – you’ve come to the right place.

Questions about food supplements

A healthy diet by itself is unfortunately not enough when it comes to our Western diet. A quarter of all women and men in Germany do not eat enough fruit and vegetables (650gr) to optimally cover their daily nutritional needs. A quarter of all women and men in Germany do not eat enough fruit and vegetables (650gr) to optimally cover their daily nutritional needs. A salad plate is about 150g, and who only eats salad?

Fruits and vegetables also contain less and less nutrients. One reason is The rise in more intensive farming practices around the world. As a result, our soils gradually contain less and less essential nutrients. Even the freshest fruits and vegetables today are already deficient in certain vitamins and minerals. According to science, a typical apple today contains about 60% less vitamin C than it used to have 20 years ago.

Certain nutrients are also not present in sufficient quantities in our diet. This concerns, for example, vitamin D and magnesium. Environmental toxins, constant stress due to the dual burden of career and family, as well as not enough sleep additionally deprive the body of valuable nutrients, with the result that a nutrient deficiency can easily develop. So it is reasonable to assume that without supplementation, the body is fed up but often starving for certain nutrients.

Nutritional supplementation is always especially important when we exclude certain food groups in our diet, e.g. when we go vegan, vegetarian or reduce carbohydrates. Then the missing nutrients must be supplemented by food supplements.

Nutritional supplementation is important when we have an increased need for nutrients. This is the case, for example, when we have a particularly active lifestyle or do lots of sports activities, when we are exhausted or stressed, or simply have less time to eat a fresh and balanced meal every day.

There is an increased need for nutrients during pregnancy and breast feeding or simply when we start to age. When we recover from an illness, the body needs more nutrients for the healing work.

In addition, we have so-called nutrient thieves – these include sugar, alcohol, cigarette smoke, coffee and tea,birth control pill and certain medications.

If the body is not sufficiently supplied with nutrients, this usually becomes apparent very gradual: Initial symptoms are often very unspecific. For example, fatigue, restlessness and a vulnerability for infections can indicate a deficiency. But also external changes such as brittle nails, dry skin or a pale face can provide an indication of a nutrient deficiency. The best thing you can do is have a blood test done to check if you are faced with a nutrient deficiency.

First of all, the main thing to look for in supplements is that the nutrients contained are made from real, organic plant foods. This ensures that the body recognises the nutrients immediately, a better utilisation is ensured and the digestive system is treated with care.

In addition, the supplements should not contain any additives. Something like “magnesium stearate” should definitely not be part of the ingredients list. This substance is suspected of interfering negatively with the immune system.

Third: the dosage should be checked. Many products appear at first pricewise very resaonable. But if the dosage is three or four capsules per day, the product ends up being much more expensive than expected.

And fourth, the product should be “Made in Germany”, as we still have one of the strictest guidelines worldwide here in Germany – that way you are on the safe side.

The Ogaenics products

Yes, all our products are vegan.

Yes, all our products are gluten-free.

The substance from which our capsules, the VCaps Plus are made, is hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose. This is a natural plant fiber, which is also the main component of plant cell walls. This is the most common organic compound. Therefore, these capsules are also approved to be used for organic food and organic food supplements.

You are welcome to open the capsules, the effectiveness of the products will remain intact. You can add the powder for example to a smoothie or your breakfast cereal.

The only exception is our Love Your Gut Daily Biotic Komplex. This contains valuable intestinal bacteria, which without the protection of the capsule can be damaged while passing through the stomach.

Most vitamins and minerals, with the exception of E, D, K and A, are water-soluble and therefore cannot be stored in the body – this means that we do not create a storage that will at – some point – be filled to the brim – we therefore must supply the body with nutrients on a daily basis. Therefore, at Ogaenics all products are suitable for permanent and preventive use.

Order & Customer Account

For international transactions, we accept Paypal and all major credit cards via Stripe. In Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Great Britain as well as Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Spain and Italy we also offer payment by invoice, direct debit, direct bank transfer and hire purchase through our partner Klarna. The range of individual payment methods depends on the respective territorial offer and may vary from region to region. You can find all information about our payment options here.

You do not need an account to make a purchase at Ogaenics. However, setting up an account is free and speeds up your check-out process.

With a customer account you can:

  • Check out faster with your purchase
  • Check the status of current orders at any time
  • View previous orders and place repeat orders
  • Make changes to your account information
  • Change your password
  • Save multiple shipping addresses

If you check in as a guest, all order confirmations and updates will be sent via email only. You cannot track this information on our website.

You can either enter your voucher/coupon code directly at the bottom left of the shopping basket or at the top centre of the checkout page below the link ‘Click here to enter your voucher code’.

Your order will be sent to our dispatch centre as soon as it arrives and will be packed so that you receive your supplements as quickly as possible. Please contact our customer service as soon as possible so we can check how else we can help you.

Besides our own online store, you can find Ogaenic’s beauty and well-being products in more than fifty (great) retail stores in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Australia. An overview of authorized Ogaenics dealers can be found here.

Shipping & Returns

We currently only ship to addresses in the EU, however we are working on shipping to other countries in the near future. An summary of our delivery times and shipping costs by country can be found here. Thank you for your patience as we expand our international presence.

We always ship free of charge in Germany and to Austria. Free shipping to all other EU countries is available for orders over 100 €. A summary of shipping costs and delivery times for EU countries with lower value orders can be found here.

Yes, we also deliver to packing stations.

After completing the order you will receive a tracking number with which you can track your order. If an order does not arrive, please contact our customer service and have your order number ready. We will initiate a tracing through the freight forwarder.

If there is a problem with an item, please contact our customer service We will resolve all issues as quickly as possible. Please provide as much detail as possible.

Returns for products which eligible to be returned will be accepted within 14 days after purchase. You will be responsible to cover the direct costs of the return shipment.

We ask for your understanding that in case of unstamped or insufficiently stamped returned shipments we have to deduct the penalty postage from the amount we will refund to you which is imposed on us by the courier company (DE: 18,00 €; AT, BE, NL, LU 12,30 €)

Items must be returned unopened/unused, with labels and in their original packaging. Items that are damaged upon receipt are not eligible for a refund. If a returned item is opened or used, a refund will be done at the sole discretion of Ogaenics. Products that have been opened or used can only be refunded via a shop credit.

If an order is returned in whole or in part, any free items received with the purchase must be returned as well. If you wish to exchange a product for another, please return the unwanted item and place a new order.

If you have any questions about returning a product, please contact our customer service team at

If we have shipped your order free of charge for you, you have to bear the cost of return.

Undeliverable DE

If your shipment was undeliverable, e.g. because you accidentally entered a wrong address or the shipment was not picked up in time at the DHL acceptance point, we will deduct €4.50 shipping costs from your refund.

Undeliverable AT, LU, BE, NL

If your shipment could not be delivered, e.g. because you accidentally entered a wrong address or the shipment was not picked up in time at the DPD acceptance point, we will deduct €12.30 shipping costs from your refund.

If you return your goods to us as part of your order cancellation, and did not cover the return costs, we will deduct €18 for return postage from your refund.

If your order is returned to us due to undeliverability (e.g. because your address was incorrect or you did not collect the parcel from the post office in time), we will refund the purchase price reduced by the shipping costs of €4.55 for the return transport (DHL).

Your question has not been answered yet? Then feel free to write us a message here.

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